Friday, May 29, 2009

GOP Health Care Reform "Alternative"

Once again, no philosophical difference between the two parties: Both parties believe in the unconstitutional intervention of the government into the health care industry and health insurance market. This is from the same party that blasted (correctly) the Clinton's in the 1990s regarding their health care designs. Then the GOP created a multi-trillion dollar unfunded liability when they passed Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D of course was passed when the Republicans controlled all three branches of government. It makes one wonder what all the fuss over the Clinton's was about.

Ever the chameleons, the GOP continues to disappoint, as they have for decades. Their recent "alternative" proposal, The Patient Choice Act (linked below), now borrows from Hillary Clinton. To build a regional insurance buying market, the GOP bill proposes regional purchasing pools and would require insurance companies to sell to all comers regardless of their health thus copying a leg of Clinton's plan. Of course the GOP "alternative" plan shares not only some details they once spoke against, but it also implicitly admits the same belief the Democrats have: the government belongs in health care and it is constitutional for the government to be involved in health care.

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