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The globalists vs. us all

Posted: June 29, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Andrew Longman

The creation of a permanent, slave underclass is the goal of the open-borders globalists, the global capitalists, and you would think liberals would not only realize this, but be incensed.

Consider the minimum wage as a doctrine. It was created and championed by liberals as a bulwark against in the boundless exploitation of the working and uneducated classes. Forged in the belly of the populist furnace, the minimum wage has been a constant of American society, begrudgingly accepted by conservatives as an unnecessary evil that seems to be … necessary. All the arguments in favor of it bear keenly on the illegal immigration debate, but we never hear Washington liberals publicly grasp it, because race-bait constructions have trumped the true "little guy" populism that used to be the heart and soul of Democrats.

If a man is paid $1.36 per hour to pick cabbage in California, we are told no one would possibly ever be paid $7.40 per hour, because Taco Bell needs those staff people critically. But the argument that "guest workers" are necessary because we must pay someone $1.36 per hour is, essentially, an argument that a slave-underclass must always be preserved. Yet it is frequently beltway Democrats who make the argument in favor of guest workers. This runs opposite of their supposed defense of the little guy and the preservation of social equality. Yet the huge economic disparity that drives workers across the border, polluting law and order and trammeling the sovereignty of territory, violates traditional conservatism as well. A borderless division between massive wealth and massive poverty is not something a true conservative would leave alone without putting an army in the middle.

So, what would happen if we closed the borders and made all cabbage pickin' California farms pay minimum wage to their workers? The profitability of corporate agri-business would go down, the price of cabbage would change by 2 percent, and the lowest classes of American society would all be able to afford Korean imported cars. That is not the desire of globalists, because it damages corporate profits and damages their plans for forced dissolution of American, Mexican and Canadian sovereignty. When we parse the oft-thrummed mantra of necessity for California cabbage pickers, we must hear instead that the globalists need a slave-underclass, denied equal rights, wages, and benefits, to perpetuate the dissolution of sovereignty and the padding of the bottom line. In short, illegal immigration is everything liberals are supposedly against and rabid globalists are for. But additionally, controlling the border would bring back law and order, territorial sovereignty, limiting of entitlement welfare – things traditional conservatives are for.

Why, then, do we have a bunch of Democrats pushing for open borders? Why do we have a bunch of Republicans supporting them?

The forced and obvious conclusion is that the people in Washington are neither Democrats nor Republicans. Some of those species are still found endangered, inhabiting the crevasses in the House of Representatives, but a few score mating pairs is not a lot. But there are no Republicans nor Democrats left in the Executive or the Senate. These people are exclusively globalists, and the next election is important because of that party.

So, the 2008 election will be fought out between globalists on one hand (Romney, Giuliani, McCain, Thompson, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Biden and Dodd) and American sovereign parties on the other (Tancredo, Hunter, Paul and Kucinich). It will be a mistake and a mirage for Americans to believe any longer in the Democrat-Republican political theatre, which has been mass packaged by the media for our consumption. These Grammy-winning musicals only exist to play the masses off one another so the globalists, who have dictated the entire top money-tiers of both parties, may forge ahead with their plan to obliterate American sovereignty and crush the peoples beneath their plans for high profits and the global police state. To again gain the privilege of actually having the liberal-conservative contest, populists on both sides must throw out the tops of both parties. What happens in political reality today is a dumb show of convenience, that the puppeteers might install that most beautiful globalist who gets chosen "best actor."

Hope says that real people still vote in the primaries. We, The People, must make a vow not to be influenced by the big-money TV and standard media that seek to install yet another globalist actor candidate. We must hang tough for the real thing. And we must give our money to the Tancredos and the Kuciniches – both of whom are pariahs of their money-elite leadership.

When we look at the illegal-immigration debate through an example of the minimum wage, or other traditionally held positions, we see clearly that liberals in Washington are not liberals and conservatives in Washington are not conservatives. It is time we embrace that fact, recognize that they are treasonous to the sovereignty of the USA and start to work together to throw out all of them, regardless of their fa├žade.

You may think the debate is left vs. right. It isn't. It's top vs. bottom.

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