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I know Hezbollah

Posted: August 11, 2006 by Melanie Morgan

The terrorist plot to blow up U.S. jetliners departing Great Britain, using liquid explosives and simple electronic detonators, should help remind Americans that the war on terrorism is very real.
Lately, it seems that there has been a growing weariness in fighting the global war against Islamic jihadists.
But then many in this country don't understand the terror and horror that so many Israeli citizens deal with on a daily basis. Having thousands of Russian- and Iranian-made missiles and rockets landing in the middle of neighborhoods, cities and roads can change your outlook on the war on terrorism.
Don't take my word for it; watch for yourself as the citizens of Israel increasingly spend more of their lives in the bomb shelters.
The media's war against Israel
The suffering has not been enough for some, however. CNN International's Rosemary Church, apparently auditioning for a job to produce Islamic jihad propaganda videos, attacked Israel on the air for its campaign against Hezbollah.
Ms. Church complained that the Israelis' weaponry was too advanced, as compared to the less powerful weapons available to Hezbollah. She disputed Israeli claims that Katyusha rockets had been fired by Hezbollah terrorists from civilian neighborhoods.
And just when you've reached the point of total disgust with CNN for allowing this woman to spread such vile pro-terrorist propaganda on a Western news network, we're told by Ms. Church that the death toll in Israel is too low.
Church is in good company with many of her compatriots in the old-line news media. The past few days we have learned of a growing number of examples where journalists are outright altering photographs and writing false captions and accounts – all in an effort to discredit Israel in its war against the terrorists.
We've asked ourselves before if the media was rooting for America and the West to lose the war on terrorism. Now we know the answer.
An online video documents many of the examples of pro-Hezbollah practices by supposed "mainstream" journalists. You can see the devastating evidence for yourself here.
Hezbollah – up close and personal
It sickens me to watch my colleagues in the news media actively working to undermine the Israelis in their battle with Hezbollah.
Hezbollah. Just typing the word sends chills down my spine.
Many Americans are just learning about this perverted, cowardly terrorist group that is firing rockets from Lebanese kindergarten schools and who hide behind women's burkas to wreak horror on the people of Israel.
But I know Hezbollah from real life experience.
Flashback to 1983: The U.S. Marines compound had been bombed by terrorists, and in one bloody moment, 241 proud Marines were reduced to body parts that were scattered under the broken pieces of concrete, twisted steel and rubble.
As a young reporter assigned to cover one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history, I arrived in time to see a gaping crater, piled high with the ashes of America's hope for peace in Lebanon.
Who was responsible for the stench of death that pierced my psyche for two decades and haunts my dreams to this day?
Then, like now, the terrorists lied to the world that the Israelis were responsible for their killing sneak attack.
I know, because I interviewed one of those terrorists.
His name was Hamza
Hamza is as common a name in the Arab world just as John or Jim or Steve is here in the West.
I was taken blindfolded, along with my friend Jim Clancy of CNN, on a wild ride through the bombed streets, crossing from the Green Sector (controlled at the time by United Nations peacekeepers) into the netherworld of terrorism.
When my blindfold was taken from my eyes, I looked into the face of evil – a turbaned man with a full-beard, and piercing maniacal eyes looked back at me.
Not directly, though, because to look at a woman who is not related to you directly is an abomination in radical Islam's perverse version of religion. He told me he was 24 years old. Exactly the same age I was.
He proceeded to lie to me on that October day in 1983, exactly the same way Hezbollah lies to the worldwide media today.
He made this outrageous offer: Bring the family members of your dead soldiers to Lebanon. We will pay their way.
We will prove we did not do this thing.
When I pressed him harder, he admitted that Hezbollah wanted the soldiers dead; killing Americans is what they must do to gain the respect of the Western world.
History proves this man a liar. And history will prove again how adept Hezbollah terrorists are at manipulating worldwide media to support their murderous intentions.

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